Terms and Conditions:

All sales are to be pre-paid by credit card. We will ship materials via FedEx Ground or FedEx Home delivery based on your choice in the check out area. Also, we need up to 48 hours to package and ship; plus shipping time.

Most orders ship within 2 business days – many the same or next day. If material happens to be temporarily out of stock, we will notify you as soon as possible to update the shipping time.

All materials are new and in unused condition. They will be supplied as received from the factory. We do not alter the surfaces or condition of the material other than cutting to size. Some materials will come with masking (either paper or film) in order to protect it from scratching. Acrylic, Polycarbonate and PETG are a few examples. The majority of our plastics materials are designed for industrial use. Many of our customers will machine these raw materials into other parts. Some materials will look worn as a result of being planed. Still others might have light scratches as a result of our national shipping process. please ask our Sales Representatives if you have any questions regarding the condition of the materials you buy.


Cut parts will have a cutting tolerance of /-.125″.

What does that mean to me? Many materials are supplied by our factories as exact sheet sizes, meaning if we order a 48″ X 96″ sheet it may arrive as 48″ exactly and 96″ exactly. When we cut, we use saws, and each time a material is run through the saw, it generates saw dust – the material is removed where the blade goes through the sheet. This amount will reduce the size of the sheet, and cause parts ordered as 24″ to be as small as 23.875″. This is a basic law of physics, and we can not cut without using this saw cutting method, which reduces the size slightly.

Thickness of materials also have tolerance. Many plastics are produced to thicknesses with a tolerance on that thickness of as much as /-10%. What this means is that a thickness ordered of 1.0″ could be as large as 1.10″ and as small as .900″. These are manufacturing tolerances, and do not change from the time we order them from the factory to the time you receive them. Other plastics have thickness tolerances of ‘plus only’, which means it will be at least as thick as ordered, but could be thicker.


All material will be packed in cardboard boxes or packaging to insure safe and protected delivery.

Should any special needs, tolerances, or packaging be required, please notify us prior to your placing of an online order. We will do our best to accommodate your requests.

Thank you.