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Plastic Rod, Plastic Round Rods, Plastic Dowels

Plastic Rod and Round Rods

Specializing in plastic round rod and rods (aka: plastic dowel, plastic pin and plastic round bar); Industrial Plastic carries a huge variety of materials in round rod. Most materials are available in 96″ or 120″ lengths, however we normally cut these rods for shipment via UPS. Our plastic manufacturers are some of the best and largest in the industry and make the finest plastic rod and round rods available. We source only the best materials from American sources without any imports from China. Our plastic rods have the least amount of residual stress in the industry – providing the most consistent plastic rod, and thus the best finished parts.

Why chose IPS for your Plastic Rod and Round Rods

  • Huge selection of plastic rod materials
  • Most plastic round rod materials and sizes are sold by the foot and are in stockPlastic Rod from .250" - 19.0" and larger
  • Cut to length plastic rod, round rods, dowel, pin and round bar
  • Most variety of plastics available in round rod stock
  • Many materials available in up to 8″ diameter in stock (some materials available over 20″ diameter)
  • Plastic round rod generally starts at .250″ diameter (some materials available smaller)

Here’s a listing of the most popular plastic rod and round rods available:

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Hi-Impact Styrene

Laminates (Paper, Canvas, Linen, G-10, FR-4)

Noryl – PPO

Nylon – PolyamidePlastic Rod and Round Rods, Dowel, Pin, Round Bar


PETG – Vivak

Polycarbonate (Makrolon – Lexan)

Polyester (PET – PBT)

Polyethylene (HDPE and LDPE)



PVDF (Kynar)



Ultem – PEI

Still not sure which product is the proper material for your application, consult our free Plastic Materials Selection Guide.

If there is a material not listed, please call. It might be in stock, but not on the website. While this is a large list of materials, we do stock dozens of additional materials in plastic round rod. Contact us today for your plastic rod requirements.

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