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Radel 5500 - Polyphenylsulfone (PPSU)

Radel brand R5500 offers a superior combination of high performance properties that include excellent thermal stability, outstanding toughness, and good environmental stress cracking resistance. These properties make this very attractive for a variety of demanding applications. Still not sure Radel R5500 is the proper material for your application, consult our free Plastic Materials Selection Guide.


Why you should use Radel 5500:

  • Excellent Medical Grade Material
  • High Deflection Temperatures
  • Virtually Unlimited Steam Sterilize Cycles
  • Replaces Polysulfone and Ultem In Many Medical Applications
  • Easily Machinable or Fabricated

Frequently Used in

  • Food Equipment and Dairy Connectors
  • Electronics Manufacturing and Fixtures
  • Medical Devices Handles and Fixtures
  • Food Service Trays
  • Aircraft Interior Parts
Size and Tolerances

Materials Available As


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Call with your requirements, many sizes available, minimums apply

Special Formulations:

Radel A, Radel R7700, Non standard colors, thickness, size or formula, please call for details

Typical Material Properties

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