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Industrial Plastic Supply, Inc.your best resource for plastic materialsquality without compromisethe website that if often immitated, but never duplicated!Acrylic / Polymethy Methacrylate (PMMA)


(A.k.a: PMMA, or Trade names: Lucite, Optix, Acrylite)

This material is used frequently in skylights, towel holder, bank glazing, aircraft canopies, shelves and numerous display applications. Great material for producing small panels to large signs, bent part, vacuum formed parts and bonded or glued boxes. Bonds can be made with solvent cements and will yield crystal clear joints. A widely used and manufactured material, and called by many trade names, such as: Acrylite, Optix, Lucite,Plex.


This material is an excellent choice for windows, POP displays, heat formed parts. A natural for use in replacement of glass. High impact strength in a beautiful package. One of the most widely used resins. Wonderful to work with comes with masking on two sides to protect during fabrication and handling. Cleans well with soft cloth and mild soap and water, please do not use harsh chemicals or abrasive while cleaning.

  • Excellent clarity- more than glass at over 93%
  • Exceptional UV Resistant
  • Half the weight of glass and 10 times the impact strength
  • Very good fabrication, cutting and finishing

Frequently used in:

  • Displays and POP products
  • Skylights and Signs
  • Bent, strip heated, vacuum formed
  • Attractive finished goods for the home
  • Glass replacement- glazing / windows
Size and Tolerances

Material Available As


.030″- 36″ X 48″
.062″- 48″ X 72″
.125″- 4.0″ up to 48″ X 96″


.125″ – 6″ Dia. in cast or extruded up to 72″ long


1.25″ – 24″ OD with .125″-.500 wall thickness up to 72″ long


.005″ – .062″ up to 24″ wide in Natural (White) and Black (minimums may apply)

Typical Material Properties

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