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Acetal (Copolymer) / Delrin®(Homopolymer)

Why you should use Acetal/ Delrin®

  • Both Dupont Delrin® and Acetal are FDA Compliant
  • Both are very stiff and have excellent dimensional stability
  • Are self lubricating, Excellent Wear and Abrasion Resistance
  • Cuts extremely well with standard cutting tools
  • Delrin® AF (PTFE Filled), Glass Filled and Specialty Grades Available
  • Delrin® Rod and Plate have similar properties and frequently replace: Noryl®, Nylon® and PET materials

Some reasons to choose Homopolymer vs. Copolymer

Both POM grades have very similar properties. Our clients seem to prefer the Acetal over the Homopolymer materials due to the inherent center-line porosity in the Delrin® Homo-polymer version. This means, that along the center of a rod, or the middle of a sheet, there is a band, of area of tiny porous material. This can weaken or cause problems with a finished part, and in extreme cases you may see blow by or leakage at this center line. The Delrin® is a brand name of Dupont, and it is a POM-H or Homo-polymer.


The most requested and popular item we supply is the Acetal; the POM Co-polymer resin made by one of the other big resin manufacturers – like BASF® or Celanese®/Tacona®. The most common brand names for the Acetal are Celcon®, Hostaform® and Kepital®. Both of these resins are readily available. On this website, we supply the more popular Co-Polymer by client request. If you would prefer the Delrin® brand Sheet or Rod, drop us a line, send us an email – we will be happy to ship the requested material for you. We don’t make judgments on suitability of material for your application, we just supply what you, our clients ask for. Please, just let us know ahead of time if you have a preference. There are a few other names we hear when people are looking for Delrin®, like, Delron, Delran, Delrun, Delren, and many more. Just let us know, and we will be happy to supply either high quality Dupont Delrin® brand or Copolymer Acetal product. This is the same material as Black drain pipe used in homes


This material is an excellent machining material- a favorite of machinists. Works like a soft brass, and
has exceptional dimensional stability. It comes as a stress relieved material, however if you plan to do extensive machining,
you may need to stress relieve the parts prior to the final pass. Rods are machined well in lathe and mill, sheets are machined or cut in most common machine tools.

  • Excellent machining
  • Low co-efficient of friction
  • Very low moisture resistance

The work horse of the mechanical plastics family, it is one of the most popular grades of material we supply. Other brand or trade names: Pomalux, Acetron, Ensital, Unital, Tecaform, Ultraform, Celcon, BASF, Hostaform, Ticona, and Dupont Delrin.

Looking for a FDA Approved material that can be used in food processing? Consider using Blue Copolymer Acetal Sheet and Rod. We can also supply X-Ray and Metal Detectable Acetal Rods and Sheets. Ask Us Today!

Use The Best Acetal Rod Producers:
Natural Acetal Copolymer Rod Now Available up to 24″ in Diameter
Still not sure Delrin® or Acetal is the proper material for your application, consult our free Plastic Materials Selection Guide.

Size and Tolerances

Materials Available As

Delrin Sheet – Acetal Sheet:
.062″ – 6.0″ up to 48″ X 120″ in Natural (White) and Black

Acetal sheet thickness normally in stock: .125″, .187″, .250″, .312″, .375″, .500″, .625″, .750″, .875″, 1.0″, 1.250″, 1.500″, 1.750″, 2.0″, 2.250″, 2.500″, 2.750″, 3.0″, 3.250″, 3.50″, 3.750″, 4.0″, 4.50″, 5.0″ and larger

Delrin AF Sheet:
.062″ – 3.0″ thick in 24″ X 48″, brown in color

Delrin AF Rod:
.250″ – 10″ diameter rod in up to 120″ lengths, brown in color

.005″ – .062″ up to 24″ wide in Natural (White) and Black (minimums may apply)

Acetal Rod and Rods:

.125″ – 10″ diameter in Natural (White) and Black up to 120″ lengths

For Colored Acetal – Delrin Rod Read Here.

(Acetal Rod diameters normally in stock: .125″, .187″, .250″, .312″, .375″, .437″, .500″, .562″, .625″, .750″, .875″, 1.0″, 1.125″, 1.250″, 1.375″, 1.500″, 1.625″, 1.750″, 2.0″, 2.250″, 2.500″, 2.750″, 3.0″, 3.250″, 3.50″, 3.750″, 4.0″, 4.50″, 5.0″ and many more)

Special Formulations: Conductive, Static Dissipative, PTFE-TFE Filled, Glass Reinforced, Custom Sizes, Formulations, or Colors Occasionally we are asked for the difference between Acetal and HDPE – here is an explanation.

Typical Material Properties

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